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3D/VR Audio
Software Licensing

With Mint Muse VR Audio SDK, Live 3D SDK and players,
we are your solid partner providing all-around solutions
to your 3D/VR audio technology needs.

Optimized for Android / iOS / Unity / Web Platforms

Supports realistic rendering, low algorithm latency, and various sound modeling.

3D Audio

Industry's first full VR audio workstation (not plugin) that enables intuitive and WYSIWYG VR audio editing. The VR DAW revolutionizes the iteration process of audio monitoring in VR, which directly improves sound localization and production efficiency.

Cinematic VR
Production Services

With the team's deep experience in cinematic and sports
audio production, we cover every aspect of 3D/VR audio
production, from sound recording, post-production to playback rendering and customized audio software modules.